Specialist Disability Accommodation

We have developed a reputation for delivering high-quality, adaptable and long-lasting Specialist Disability Accommodation that meets the needs of people with disabilities. Our experience with this specialist housing equips our team with the expertise to build SDA projects on time, on budget and with required NDIS certification.


Certification and Compliance


Longevity and Adaptability

At Brompton, we are aware of the critical criteria that must be met in order to obtain certification for NDIS on multi-residential SDA projects. We take the utmost care in each of our projects to ensure we are not only compliant with all applicable standards and regulations required but also meet the needs of the residents with disabilities who will inhabit the spaces for years to come. With our team’s track record in multi-residential construction combined with our experience building and delivering multiple SDA projects, we're in the best position to manage the unique challenges of the SDA process to ensure compliance and certificaton. 

Whilst building to compliance is a key aspect of the SDA building process, delivering Specialist Disability Accomodation with the future in mind is another. Our experience and knowledge allows us to complete each project ensuring that the apartments can be adapted to meet the changing needs of residents over time. Adaptability and longevity are essential for SDA projects as they ensure that the housing can be used by people with disabilities for many years to come, while protecting the interests of developers by making modifications easier and less intrusive.

SDA Process and Delivery

Our established processes for building Specialist Disability Accommodation ensure that the finished housing is delivered on time and on budget, while achieving the necessary certification. Throughout the process we provide feedback to developers on the durability of the finishes and design, highlighting and mitigating potential problem areas. With an inherent understanding that the best outcomes are achieved when we work together in an open and collaborative environment, we work closely to form long-term partnerships as we embark on the build and maintenance of SDA projects.


1. Process


2. Engagement & Planning


3. Consultation & Personalisation


4. Construction & Delivery


5. Project Handover


6. Participant Alterations

Design Considerations Specific to SDA

Mixed Configuration of Apartments

Accessible Bedroom, Kitchen and Bathroom Designs

Onsite Support Locations Designed and Built

Equipment Installation Including Ceiling Hoist

SDA Compliance

Installation of Automated and Assistive Technologies

Communal Accessible Areas for Participant Usage

Pet Friendly Designs

Decisions by Participants

Multi-Residential and SDA Experience

Our experience building high end multi-residential projects provides developers with the confidence that Brompton can deliver quality SDA housing. Through our commitment to leading industry processes, quality craftsmanship and collaborative relationships, we have established a reputation for delivering outstanding commercial and multi-residential projects.

Pairing our exemplary track record of completing projects on time and on budget with our knowledge and experience working on SDA projects, Brompton is the obvious choice for developers operating in the SDA space. Brompton is in the best position to guide and deliver SDA projects for both experienced developers and new developers alike.

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