An innovative, collaborative approach.

Construction is a service industry and we pride ourselves on our ability to go above and beyond for our clients. Every relationship is considered, nurtured and intended to last.

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Brompton commercial construction

How we do it

We partner with stakeholders who have aligned values which ensures respectful, long-lasting relationships

Innovation through new construction technologies, enhanced administrative procedures and the exploration of advanced contracting arrangements

A strong focus on our people, our values and our culture; good people are the foundation of any strong organisation

Our online client portal allows our clients to see the status of their project at any time of day, from anywhere in the world, including photos, detailed reporting, schedule tracking, and financial position

We assess the key drivers behind each project in order to identify what is most important to the client; from here we can discover further opportunities within the project and add maximum value

We build and nurture relationships that see our clients returning to us over and over

Our values



Our confident, capable and strong people lead by example, showing respect to all those around us, and inspiring others to follow.



Through transparency, respect and honesty, we foster long-lasting partnerships with like-minded companies.



Innovative, creative, ever improving; the reasons Brompton came to be and what drives us each and every day.


Environmental Policy and Sustainability

Brompton is committed to protecting and preserving the environment in all circumstances, to assist in the provision of a sustainable lifestyle for both present and future generations. Modelled around ISO 14001, we are committed to continual improvement with a goal of exceeding our clients expectations.

In achieving our commitment to having a meaningful and ongoing relationship with sustainability, we do the following:

Develop and implement systematic approaches to the management of all environmental aspects within our business

Ensure this policy is documented, implemented, maintained and communicated to all employees, subcontractors, clients and the public as required

Continuously meet our statutory obligations in regard to all relevant federal, state and local regulations and other requirements

Establish measurable objectives and targets to improve our environmental performance

Procure products and services on the basis of minimising pollution and waste and promoting recycling principles wherever possible

Conduct regular training and awareness programs for all management, staff and contractors

Monitor and audit our environmental processes and management plan with a view to continually improve our environmental management systems in order to enhance environmental performance

Brompton, through the nature of its operational activities, accepts that it must share and promote the responsibility of environmental sustainability and will therefore act in a morally responsible manner at all times

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