Brompton is an award-winning high-end construction company specialising in multi-residential and commercial projects. Established in 2017, our expansive portfolio of projects showcase our versatility across a broad spectrum of designs. Driven by a team of hard-working, motivated and passionate individuals, our efficient processes consistently deliver in our areas of expertise, which include Lump Sum Contracting, Design and Construct Contracting, Early Contractor Involvement and Preliminary Cost Planning.

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It’s safe to say that we never settle for less at Brompton. As a leader in construction, we are proactive in establishing better systems of work. Our clients enjoy the benefits of our strong desire to innovate - access to cloud-based software and 24/7 live camera access means that they can remain informed throughout the entire construction process. 

As a team, we embody the values of leadership, relationships and progression. Taking on a project isn’t just about seeing through the construction of a building; with our focus on transparency and honesty, we cultivate long-lasting partnerships with like-minded people.

Brompton Icon Health Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Safety is of utmost importance on every project we commence, and our people are always committed to creating a safe work environment. We have established safe systems of work to the standard of AS 4801 to ensure that all workers are trained and supervised when on site to reduce risks of serious injury. We monitor this through leading digital solutions for workplace safety and compliance. 

Brompton Icon Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

In an industry designed to construct buildings to last generations, it only makes sense that we follow sustainable practices. We have modelled our practices around ISO 14001 to protect and preserve the environment for our current and future generations. From procurement of products to regular training and awareness for all staff, sustainability is always at the forefront of our mind.

Brompton Icon Drug Alcohol Policy

Drugs and Alcohol Policy

We have a zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy on all worksites. Regular testing is conducted at our worksites, and anyone with a positive result is removed from the workplace and given support and assistance until they are fit to return to work. 

Brompton Icon Bullying Policy

Discrimination/Bullying/Harassment Policy

We are committed to creating a workplace in which every individual is treated with respect and dignity. Discimination, bullying or harassment of any kind is unacceptable, and any violation of these policies is investigated and resolved appropriately. 

Brompton Icon Code of Conduct Policy

Code of Conduct Policy

Our Code of Conduct policy outlines the acceptable conduct and behaviour that is expected of all Brompton employees and contractors in the workplace. All employees and contractors, no matter their leadership level, are expected to adhere to these policies to foster a workplace that is productive and respectful.


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